ColonBlow tagline

ColonBlow tagline

As it turns out, most cleanses are designed to just clean out the intestinal tract and colon.  I guess I thought a cleanse was something that would clean out my entire body – like a lasagna, margarita and nicotine exorcism.   There are  total body cleanses but these are much more involved than I think I’m ready for.  These type of  cleanses claim to clean out your liver, lungs, gallbladder, kidneys, lymph nodes, blood, and skin, bringing your body “into its original homeostatic state.”   The one caveat is that they last several weeks and are really strict in their diet (starvation diet!).   It  honestly  sounds like hell to me so I’ll just stick with the simple colon cleanse.

Now… I reviewed a dozens colon cleanses on the internet.  My personal favorite is ColonBlow. (The name says it all!) OK, maybe not.  It was tough steering through all the ads and websites.  I got the feeling a lot of these “reviews” were written by the manufactures themselves.   Finding the right cleanse is going to be tough (NOTE: please stop sending me emails to try out your cleanses.) I’m going to continue my research and ask around in the fitness circles to see what other health experts (who I know and trust) recommend.  Whatever cleanse I decide to try needs to meet a few criteria:

1. A name that instills confidence that I am doing something good for myself. (sorry ColonBlow!)

2. Is it safe? My cleanse needs to be all-natural and herb based. I want the purest and highest quality ingredients that are free from damaging chemical additives or artificial ingredients.

3. Don’t give me any outrageous claims. If you tell me your cleanse will give me 20/20 vision and that I will be able to levitate off the ground – forget it.

4. I am experimenting with this to draw my own professional conclusion but I don’t want to waste my time or yours (the reader). I want a cleanse that the majority of people who have tried it, like – even if the results were minimal.

…follow the entire adventure here.

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