My Cleanse Adventure / Part I

I keep hearing about these cleanses – how they’re good for you and how they have helped people with all sorts of issues – from losing weight, to curing cancer! When I hear “cleanse”, I picture some new-age spa where a woman in a white lab coat leads me into a room decorated with pictures […]

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My Cleanse Adventure / Part II

As it turns out, most cleanses are designed to just clean out the intestinal tract and colon.  I guess I thought a cleanse was something that would clean out my entire body – like a lasagna, margarita and nicotine exorcism.   There are  total body cleanses but these are much more involved than I think I’m […]

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My cleanse adventure part III

After a lot of research, I found a cleanse I’m ready to try. It’s from a company called Blessed Herbs. The funny thing is that I didn’t find this one on-line. Blessed Herbs never came up in any of my Google searches. This cleanse was recommended to me by a few friends who had actually […]

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My cleanse adventure part IV

Today is day 4 of my cleanse. Actually, it’s the 1st day of the liquid-only portion. I’ve been preparing for this the last three days by eating a little less and completely eliminating dairy, meat and coffee. My head was pounding for a solid 12 hours the first day! …but I was expecting it. I […]

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