Today is day 4 of my cleanse. Actually, it’s the 1st day of the liquid-only portion. I’ve been preparing for this the last three days by eating a little less and completely eliminating dairy, meat and coffee. My head was pounding for a solid 12 hours the first day! …but I was expecting it. I drink 24oz of coffee almost every day, so I knew my body would let me know it was not happy. Yes, it hurts, but the good thing about coffee withdrawal is that it only lasts a day or two. Then it’s like you never missed it…for me at least.

Restricting my calorie intake was way harder than I anticipated. I like to eat. Although I was supposed to eat 1/4 of my normal calorie intake on that 3rd day of my pre-cleanse, I probably ate more like 1/2 of a normal day. I figure since I’m not eating meat or dairy (which take several days to fully digest) I would be fine.

Tomorrow I eliminate all food.  Boy I can’t wait.  Not!

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