Statistics came out a couple weeks ago stating that obesity in America was going to reach 40 percent by the year 2030. That means that almost HALF of Americans will be obese!  To say that this statistic is alarming is a huge understatement. On a very basic level, this means that Americans are addicted to processed foods and sugar.  The side effects of consuming processed foods and sugar make a long list. Inflammation leads the way, followed by deformed arteries, increased body fat, heart disease and diabetes.  This is all preventable! WE NEED TO MOVE AND EAT WELL and it starts with you!

This is a personal mission for all of us. To live a healthy and joyful life is absolutely within your grasp, and the energy your create will inspire others. For instance, a simple meal gathered from your local farmers market is fun, great tasting and a way to get excited about locally produced food. Shifting your eating habits does take commitment, attention and dedication, but anyone can do it.  BE THAT PERSON!  We’re in an obesity crisis right now, and American society needs all the strong, healthy and happy people it can get. Watch how being that person changes you and everyone around you.


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