zen-archery“Mind leads the body.”
-Uncle Bob

Do it first in your mind and then it’s done. In Zen archery the idea is that the arrow has already hit the target. The key is total relaxation! The more relaxed you are the more you are in tune with the universe. These were the words used by my Uncle Bob and I love it! It’s the separation of attachments no different than the journey of letting go of ego. Uncle Bob knows more than he leads on and the best part has been being witness to his journey of letting go. Martial arts and Aikido in particular have been a vital piece of his life education. I received several lessons over our reunion weekend on energy, movement and life. Bob helped me figure out strategies for a client that is recovering from a stroke, raised my awareness to where strength of movement originates and allowed me to not be perfect at the movements he was sharing. I woke up that first morning with a mantra that stated, “I live in the present moment and have gratitude for being able to share such valuable time with my family.” I believe this raised my awareness to spending time with every family member allowing us to connect on a deeper level. I had a vision that morning in bed and lived it a second throughout the day besides a few text messages to a friend in Paris. ( lol -it happens!) I love my family!