Get Your Body Organized!

by Daniel Lucas … If your training program does not have a day that’s dedicated to alignment, postural work and energy building, then you are missing out on a key element of your training! One of the secrets to training hard is recovering smart. Effective recovery is extremely important to getting the results you desire. […]

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MET (Movement Efficiency Training) certification

**NEW DATE** – Sunday, November 10, 2013 Movement Efficiency Training (M.E.T) Teaching the body how to move efficiently, effectively, and dynamically by using a cutting edge, neuroscience inspired Tri-Zone Training system of movement pattern progressions to optimally synchronize the brain and body in movement. Contact Us to register

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Avoid Overindulgence this Holiday Season!

By Antonio Sini … There are many reasons why we overindulge during the holidays.  First, food and alcohol are usually a part of any celebration; eating with friends and family is a double pleasure. We’re feeding our bodies and souls at the same time. Second, you may have noticed the days are shorter and colder.  […]

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One of the first questions we ask in Nimble is this: what’s your why? Why do you want to be stronger, lighter or more flexible? What is motivating you to take up an exercise program? We all get inundated with so much information about how to stay healthy that it can cloud our why, which […]

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Conversation with my Uncle bob (black belt in Aikido)

“Mind leads the body.” -Uncle Bob Do it first in your mind and then it’s done. In Zen archery the idea is that the arrow has already hit the target. The key is total relaxation! The more relaxed you are the more you are in tune with the universe. These were the words used by […]

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