Cultivating Happiness

by Daniel Lucas … What truly makes you happy? Is it meeting with a good friend? Is it taking a walk in the park, maybe seeing a movie that’s been on your radar? Making the time for activities that make us feel happy is important, but I want to suggest that being happy is different. […]

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Why We Train.

by Keith Paine … For most of us, exercise is a compartmentalized activity. It’s a thing we do 2-3 times a week before work. It’s a chance to focus on ourselves and on the way we want to feel. It’s an opportunity to get back into our bodies and away from the stresses of work […]

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Conversation with my Uncle bob (black belt in Aikido)

“Mind leads the body.” -Uncle Bob Do it first in your mind and then it’s done. In Zen archery the idea is that the arrow has already hit the target. The key is total relaxation! The more relaxed you are the more you are in tune with the universe. These were the words used by […]

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