by Daniel Lucas … Ok, let’s pop in the video and get jumping!  At least that’s what my sister Patti did with her new exercise program. Day 1 through Day 5, she did a lot of jumping, from low to high intensity.  She continued to follow her video exercise program till week 7, when it […]

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Cultivating Happiness

by Daniel Lucas … What truly makes you happy? Is it meeting with a good friend? Is it taking a walk in the park, maybe seeing a movie that’s been on your radar? Making the time for activities that make us feel happy is important, but I want to suggest that being happy is different. […]

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How strong is your FOUNDATION?

Sitting on my couch on a Sunday in February, I wept. Not because I worked 160 hours in the last two weeks, or that a flood ruined our new bamboo studio floor. I was watching images of Haiti on the morning show and they hit me hard, like they probably hit most of you. These […]

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