by Daniel Lucas

Ok, let’s pop in the video and get jumping!  At least that’s what my sister Patti did with her new exercise program. Day 1 through Day 5, she did a lot of jumping, from low to high intensity.  She continued to follow her video exercise program till week 7, when it finally happened–Boom!  The tendon on the bottom of her right foot gave out.  Now, she’s dealing with the runner’s nightmare: plantar fasciitis.  She could be out of commission for anywhere from six weeks to six months or more, depending on the severity of her case.

fascial painNow, I actually love a lot of the moves in these exercise videos, and at Nimble Fitness, we definitely embrace power/high impact exercises, but only with the proper training foundation and the proper recovery!  If you haven’t prepared your tissue for jumping (or running), injury is only one impact away.  Jumping is not for everyone. If you are participating in a program with a lot of jumping, take care to make sure your lower legs and feet have time to recover between workouts.  Whenever you start to feel a loss of power or agility, or you feel there is a delay in your “bounce” during your workout, it’s time to rest.  If you continue, your muscles will not be able to do the work, and your ligaments and tendons will get overloaded—not good!

The secret is always to train smarter, not just harder!  At Nimble, we think quantity AND quality.  If you have further questions about fitting jumping or running into your program, or if you wish to set up your assessment at Nimble, please contact us at