by Daniel Lucas

What truly makes you happy? Is it meeting with a good friend? Is it taking a walk in the park, maybe seeing a movie that’s been on your radar? Making the time for activities that make us feel happy is important, but I want to suggest that being happy is different. It’s something that comes from within us, something that we need to actively cultivate in our lives.

I have found that my truest happiness has to be accompanied with a conscious energy. In other words, it’s a choice that I make in my life. The foundation of that choice to be happy is health—nutrition that nurtures the cells of my body, movement that energizes and opens up my musculo-skeletal system, and meditation, which frees my spirit to connect to the universal, truly important things in life.

As we look deeper at happiness, we can see that once you have a healthy foundation, it’s much easier for joy to bubble to the surface of our being. So our happiness is not just attached to the thing we’re doing at the time—it happens all the time, from deep within us, at work and at home. It’s a result of how we live.

Start the new year by nurturing one habit that adds to the foundation of your happiness. The results might surprise you!