I Was Trained for This:

Unexpected Benefits of Strength Training By Melissa Delancey … I have worked as a personal trainer in New York City for a decade now, and have trained clients from all walks of life and with all kinds of different challenges. Many years ago, for instance, I worked with a petite woman in her early forties […]

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Beating the Late Summer Workout Blues

By Christina Perinhas … We have all been there. It’s the middle of August, it’s hot, and we fall into that workout slump. It’s like pulling teeth just to get to the gym door or to get outside for a run. Let’s face reality: physical activity is in constant competition with everything else in our […]

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5 reasons your workout may not be working

1. You do the same exercise routine every week. If you do the same routine over and over, your muscles will simply adapt and you’ll hit a plateau.  However, if you challenge your muscles from a variety of angles by adding or alternating moves periodically, you’ll get significantly more muscle fibers into the act and […]

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by Daniel Lucas Here are some Nimble tips for effective training, whenever and wherever you are: 1) A workout doesn’t have to be an hour to be great! If you’re pressed for time, pick a couple of compound moves that use multiple muscle groups and get your heart rate going. *Tip: For example, try a […]

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How strong is your FOUNDATION?

Sitting on my couch on a Sunday in February, I wept. Not because I worked 160 hours in the last two weeks, or that a flood ruined our new bamboo studio floor. I was watching images of Haiti on the morning show and they hit me hard, like they probably hit most of you. These […]

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