I Was Trained for This:

Unexpected Benefits of Strength Training By Melissa Delancey … I have worked as a personal trainer in New York City for a decade now, and have trained clients from all walks of life and with all kinds of different challenges. Many years ago, for instance, I worked with a petite woman in her early forties […]

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How To Lengthen Your Arm Line With A Reverse Plank.

This video by Nimble’s Kristin Porter demonstrates a great stretch to lengthen the front arm lines and increase range of motion in the shoulders. You’ll begin with one leg bent and work your way up to a full Reverse Plank. Take notice of the hand placement (fingers pointing towards feet) and how the shoulders are […]

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Basic Plank Series

The Plank is a static exercise for strengthening the abdominals, back and shoulders.  This isometric  exercise is important for stabilizing the trunk  and creates a bracing effect, which works all the abdominal muscles.  When doing any variation of the plank, make sure to remember to breath while contracting your abdominals.   This video demonstrates 3 different […]

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