SPRING TRAINING CONTINUED : ROTATION! In life, we are constantly bending, twisting and rotating to achieve tasks.  And that’s exactly where problems can begin. When your spine is in a flexed (bent forward) and rotated position, that’s where it is least stable.  If your body is not prepared to move this way—or if the thing […]

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3 Nimble Tips for Urban Meditation

by Keith Paine.. Find Time—At Nimble Fitness, we find that the biggest challenge in meditation is making time for it in our busy lives. The simple truth, however, is that you don’t need hours and hours to gain the benefits of meditating. Five or ten minutes of quiet time a day can make a HUGE […]

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Fitness Fads

by Antonio Sini … Fads…they come and go quicker than a late-night infomercial. This is especially true when it comes to health and fitness. Anybody remember Tae-Bo? Some fads are just silly–take for example the butt-toning shoes that Sketchers promoted in early 2000. (That didn’t end well for them.) And some fitness fads can be […]

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I Was Trained for This:

Unexpected Benefits of Strength Training By Melissa Delancey … I have worked as a personal trainer in New York City for a decade now, and have trained clients from all walks of life and with all kinds of different challenges. Many years ago, for instance, I worked with a petite woman in her early forties […]

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Time for a change

by Antonio Sini I’m guessing you don’t eat the exact same thing every day? If you do, we should talk! Not only would that get boring after a week or two, but you’re likely to miss key nutrients that come from eating a variety of foods. Variety is just as important when it comes to […]

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A Smart Approach to Tackling Your Fitness Goals

by Antonio Sini When it comes time to get fit, we often find ourselves joining a health club or local gym, thinking we’re taking a step in the right direction, but are we really setting ourselves up for failure?  For someone who’s not in such great shape, and maybe a little embarrassed by their lack […]

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Exercise Outdoors During the Fall

by Christina Perinhas … As we enter into Fall, people tend to forget that this is an excellent time to work on your fitness outside. The weather isn’t too hot or too cold, which means it is perfect to get that workout in! Here are some of my tips for fall workouts: Stay Hydrated: Sometimes […]

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Beating the Late Summer Workout Blues

By Christina Perinhas … We have all been there. It’s the middle of August, it’s hot, and we fall into that workout slump. It’s like pulling teeth just to get to the gym door or to get outside for a run. Let’s face reality: physical activity is in constant competition with everything else in our […]

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Beware: Energy Drinks

by Nimble client, Anne Pelletier … Energy drinks promise many things – sustained energy, no calories and no “crash” when they wear off –but are they safe? And are these claims true? Energy drinks get their “oomph” from caffeine.  That’s right, even those that don’t list caffeine on the ingredients label! Some energy drinks contain […]

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Change is good.

By Antonio Sini You may have noticed that we’ve gone and changed our look. We thought it was time to freshen things up. After all, “new” can be fun and invigorating. A new look, a new toy, even a new fitness goal; changing things up is a great way to re-energize. When’s the last time […]

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W.I.N. (Workouts Inspired by Nimble)

“Let Nimble Fitness inspire your to move in new ways.” Do you need a little inspiration?  Are your workouts getting stale?  Maybe you just need some motivation to exercise?  Like us on Facebook and check out W.I.N. or Workouts Inspired by Nimble.  We’ll post something new every week on our Facebook page.  You can even […]

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New TRX Class / Wednesdays at 12:30pm

TR X-Press w/ Danny Kavadlo Real results, in just 30 minutes! Brooklyn native Danny Kavadlo is one of New York’s most elite Personal Trainers and group fitness instructors. But far more important than Mr. Kavadlo’s extensive resume and numerous certifications (pre/post natal, post rehabilitation, kettlebells, functional anatomy, sports nutrition and weight loss management, to name […]

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5 reasons your workout may not be working

1. You do the same exercise routine every week. If you do the same routine over and over, your muscles will simply adapt and you’ll hit a plateau.  However, if you challenge your muscles from a variety of angles by adding or alternating moves periodically, you’ll get significantly more muscle fibers into the act and […]

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Join us this Friday!

Please Join Us! Friday, October 14th / 8:00pm Live Musical Performance by Keith Paine Dance Number by The Movement Initiative DJ Set by Daniel Lucas Dominion 428 Lafayette Street Show starts at 8:00pm A great event for a great cause! $20 Suggested donation at the door. Please RSVP – call 212 633-9030 or info@www.nimblefitness.com   […]

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