As we all transition into the winter season, there are many natural lifestyle changes that occur. For instance, I’m guessing you don’t eat the exact same thing that you eat in July–and you’re definitely not wearing the same clothes! Our daily routines shift, and if we embrace that seasonal shift we can apply it to our exercise patterns as well.


Training routines get stale like anything else. If you follow the exact same workout regimen over and over, never changing the routine week to week, what you’re actually doing is: reducing the effectiveness of your workout, overtraining some muscle groups (and probably under training others!), and almost certainly hitting a plateau in your training, whatever your goals are.

Let us suggest some ways to reinvigorate your training plan for winter!

*Back to basics : Revisit foundational core and joint strengthening exercises that may have been glossed over during the summer months. These can include glute bridges, resistance band work, a variety of planks, bodyweight work with tools like the TRX, and much more.

*Build muscle: Never a bad idea, right? Winter is a great time to work on the big strength moves—deadlifts, squats, pull-ups, heavy presses, and power moves like cleans and Kettlebell swings. It’s a great time to fine-tune technique, play with tempo (low-and-slow reps, long holds, etc), experiment with volume changes, and practice unilateral work.

*Go sport specific : Shift your training focus to prep for winter sports like skiing, snowboarding & skating.

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