In our New York City training studio we share the concept of “fitness snacks”. These are short bouts of exercise, usually between 30 seconds to 3 minutes, that get your heart rate up. These “snacks” of exercise can help with balancing blood sugar, stimulating the nervous system and helping your body structurally. 

Think about where you can incorporate these little snacks throughout the day. Maybe instead of taking the elevator all the way up to your office, make your way to the stairs and climb to your floor instead. You could also get in a few reps of bodyweight squats, push-ups or pull-ups. Depending on your fitness level it might simply be getting up and marching fast in place for a couple minutes.

Be creative and have fun! Quick note, the higher you can get the heart for these types of fitness snacks the better but it’s not imperative. Your snack might be a plank that doesn’t get your heart rate too high but it’s still challenging your core strength and stability! Our mission here is to add in easy to perform, bite-sized challenges that positively affect one’s health.  

Set a goal to add three fitness snacks to your day. Our clients that make this a daily practice seem to get better results with cleaning up their diet, improving posture and losing weight. Text a buddy and make it a friendly competition. Have some fun with your fitness and you might find that a moment of activation sparks in you. That’s the moment your soul wants to move, more than it wants to sit on its ass! 

As you shift into a training mindset, strategize and take actionable steps to make this simply how you live.