Despite the freezing March temperatures, spring is right around the corner. Now is the time to get prepped for playing outdoors!

Here are some top tips from Nimble Fitness for playing hard and staying healthy this spring.

Get strong!At Nimble Fitness, strength lays the foundation for life experience. Being strong, in other words, is a pre-requisite for living your best. So, in that context, at our NYC studios we do strength work first, prior to getting outside. Since building strength is a goal for every athlete, you should have at least two days of strength training a week in your program, whatever it is you’re training for.

Boost your Pre-Game!  If you are hitting the field for your first softball game or finally hitting the road for a run after the winter, having a great warm up will help you reduce the risk of injury and get you ready to compete. The mission of a great warm-up is this: activate all hip, core and shoulder muscles through your full range of motion. Keep your warm up active and multi-planer (moving in as many planes of motion as possible).

Cross Train!  Mix up your spring play with running, swimming, biking, hiking, tennis and other forms of movement. It’s great for spreading the wear and tear of athletic movement around all the tissue of our joints.

Get your Gear & Fuel together!  Pull out your spring and summer gear now to assess what needs to be serviced or purchased. We want to make the transition outside as easy as we can! Take some time when you’re trying on shoes, so you can get the proper fit for your specific foot and ankle set up. Assess your nutrition and make sure there’s plenty of whole food macronutrients and proper hydration to fuel your own March Madness.


Train to be at your best this spring and get out and play! If you have further questions about spring training, or want to consult Nimble about your own health, please email us at or call 212.633.9030