Your brain is probably questioning the title for this month’s newsletter already. How is mindfulness different than mindset? It’s actually quite different!

Mindset refers to how you organize your perceptions, attitudes and beliefs towards all aspects of your health program. Your mindset—and all the life experience that helped create it-is what you bring to the table when you nurture and develop your health. Mindfulness, on the other hand, exists in the present moment. Mindfulness by definition is the basic human ability to be fully present and aware; it refers to your ability to consciously put your program into action.

We need both! We need mindfulness to be aware of whether we are staying true to the positive framework of our mindset.

One’s ability to be present, to be aware in each moment and throughout your day affects the quality of every holistic lifestyle habit you have or will adopt over your lifetime. Being mindful of your relationship with food, for example, will help with choosing the right macro-nutrient portions, chewing your food better and knowing when you’re almost full. These shifts, which seem really subtle, are actually the day-to-day keys that lead to success. Having the mindset and energy to be mindful is vital to quality life experience!

Here are Nimble’s top tips to becoming more mindful:

  1. Conscious breathing: Building a consistent meditation practice begins with being able to focus on your breath, even if it’s only 30 seconds to 1 minute to begin. After a short period of time 3-5 minutes will be easy and feel amazing!
  2. Walking, sitting, lying down: Simply being mindful in any given task can become meditative and practice mindfulness.
  3. Meditation is a practice: Start with short meditations to start and build in volume as you get conditioned. This will help you cultivate mindfulness.

Meditation, mindfulness and cultivating inner energy is the foundation to every person’s training program. Once you get started and are consistent, your soul will crave it.

P.S. Secret: It’s one of the best ways to have the body you have always wanted! A rested body metabolizes body fat more efficiently because it’s more likely to be in homeostasis.