by Daniel Lucas

Here are some Nimble tips for effective training, whenever and wherever you are:

1) A workout doesn’t have to be an hour to be great! If you’re pressed for time, pick a couple of compound moves that use multiple muscle groups and get your heart rate going. *Tip: For example, try a squat to press, which works the entire body, or jumping rope.

2) Workout smarter, not just harder. Knowing a bit about how to manipulate variables in your workout program can give you a much bigger exercise toolbox to work with, and help keep your results flowing. *Tip: Changing the order of exercises in your program, changing the tempo, adding instability or cutting rest are all examples of how you can manipulate your program for greater intensity.

3) Know how to get it done anywhere. Prepare a bodyweight resistance/yoga routine that you can perform anywhere. The body resistance workouts can actually be your most challenging, and the combination of strength and yoga is great for your body. *Tip: Take a beginner’s yoga class or two and start to work on some of the basic poses. You can also pick up some great tools for exercising anywhere—resistance bands, a jump rope, etc.

4) Take it outside! Walking, running or hiking can be done absolutely anywhere and will definitely give you a high-intensity workout, plus a tour of the area you’re visiting.

5) Eat clean. With food, closer to nature is our golden rule. To train at your best and recover effectively, you need great, naturally produced food and proper hydration.

If you’re consistent with your workouts, you’ll gain more and more confidence to challenge yourself wherever you are!