Avoid Overindulgence this Holiday Season!

By Antonio Sini … There are many reasons why we overindulge during the holidays.  First, food and alcohol are usually a part of any celebration; eating with friends and family is a double pleasure. We’re feeding our bodies and souls at the same time. Second, you may have noticed the days are shorter and colder.  […]

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By Tyler Farrish Food. What is it? What does it mean to you? As this answer will vary from person to person, most of us will think of our latest craving for a particular meal, cuisine or treat. This is completely normal! However, there’s often little secondary thought given to the experiencing of food—not the […]

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Flying Pigs Farm at Union Square Farmers Market

At Nimble Fitness, we often talk about knowing your food and eating locally farmed meat and produce. The other day, I decided to shoot a short video interview with Mike, the owner of one of my favorite farms, Flying Pigs Farm. Here are some of the important points we talk about in the video: *Where […]

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What are you eating?

By Daniel Lucas … In past articles, I’ve talked a little bit about the importance of our relationship with the food we eat. Our relationship with food includes a lot of different factors, including what we eat, when we eat and how we eat. Today, I would like to talk specifically about what you are […]

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It takes energy to change!

by Daniel Lucas … Cultivating energy starts with our relationship to the food and fluids we consume. What, how and when we eat affects our digestion, which in turn affects how much nutrition we receive from our food and how well we metabolize it. Every cell in our body regenerates from what we consume–there is […]

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What is a healthy Breakfast?

by Daniel Lucas While on vacation in Turkey, a client’s question kept popping into my head when I would sit down to eat in the morning: What can I eat for a healthy breakfast?  It’s a simple question, but I feel like the answer is sometimes tough to grasp.  In America, we often end up […]

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Sweet Summer Corn Recipe

by Julie Smith Ahhh, sweet summer corn!  Is there anything more festive and delicious in the summer than gathering around the table to enjoy freshly cooked corn? Whether you prefer yours on the cob or off, corn is not only satisfying and easy to prepare, but also high in nutrients.  Corn is an excellent source […]

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You become the food you eat.

Lets keep it real simple today… The food you eat is what your body becomes. Namaste Daniel

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