What is a healthy Breakfast?

by Daniel Lucas While on vacation in Turkey, a client’s question kept popping into my head when I would sit down to eat in the morning: What can I eat for a healthy breakfast?  It’s a simple question, but I feel like the answer is sometimes tough to grasp.  In America, we often end up […]

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High-Stress Times or Growth Shifts?

I’ve trained when I’m under the weather, exhausted, even with a broken arm before, but it wasn’t as challenging as my recent week of training was. The reason it was so challenging was because there were a multitude of stresses on my system. They added up over a week’s time: 1) My spine was incorrectly […]

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Cross Train to Help Prevent Running Injuries!

by Daniel Lucas Why are physical therapists seeing fewer tri-athletes with injuries in their office than runners? The answer, in a word, is cross training. The most common mistake we see with runners’ programs is that they do not change them up enough. This creates a scenario for injury. The secret to longevity in sport […]

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Stretching Tips Part II: Static Stretching

In our first stretch article [Part I], we explored the basic concepts of stretching and how it affects you. We made it clear that it’s up to you to learn your own body’s strengths and limitations, and to focus your attention on what you’re feeling when you perform a particular stretch. Use your mind and […]

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