7 Reasons Your Workouts Don’t Deliver Better Results

By Antonio Sini … 1. You do the same exercise routine every week. If you do the same routine over and over—or play the same sport, or take the same class every week–your muscles will quickly adapt and you’ll hit a plateau, with each workout becoming less and less effective. However, if you challenge your […]

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Leg Strength Part III

by Daniel Lucas… Welcome to the third installment of our Nimble leg exercise series!  We’re now going to progress to a few power movements. These moves are important, because as we age, our physical power is one of the first things to decrease. If we don’t train consistently, we gradually lose our ability to move […]

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Climbing to New Heights

An inspiring tale by Nimble client Anne Pelletier … Camelback may not be a big mountain, but for me it might as well have been Everest. Rising 2700 feet above sea level in Phoenix, Arizona, this rocky peak looms over the surrounding desert. I have vacationed in the area for many years, but I never […]

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Cross Train to Help Prevent Running Injuries!

by Daniel Lucas Why are physical therapists seeing fewer tri-athletes with injuries in their office than runners? The answer, in a word, is cross training. The most common mistake we see with runners’ programs is that they do not change them up enough. This creates a scenario for injury. The secret to longevity in sport […]

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by Daniel Lucas If you’re someone that runs, bikes, lifts weights, plays in a league, does any kind of consistent training, and lets not forget the non-sport of sitting at your desk you should think about having days in your exercise program dedicated to getting or keeping your body organized.  Whether it’s the repetitive nature […]

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