Are You Stressed?

by Daniel Lucas … It’s no mystery that stress can be a health killer. It can manifest instantly, but it can also grind you down over time. The Mayo Clinic describes the human stress response like this: “Your body is hard-wired to react to stress in ways meant to protect you against threats from predators […]

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Think Happy, Be Happy

Personal development is about understanding how our mind works, consciously controlling our thoughts and having good patterns.  Developing an awareness of how our mind works can improve any and all aspects of our lives as well as our interactions with family and friends.  Remember, you can either be happy, or unhappy.  Choose happy. . Treat […]

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Success at Speakeasy Release Party!

Thank you to everyone who attended the event. You helped us raised almost $1,000 for WITNESS! Check out the video! . Check out Keith Paine’s new album ‘Speakeasy’  – HERE To learn more about WITNESS and make a donation please click – HERE

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Love and Attachment

Ahh…Valentine’s Day. A celebration of love. A chance to spend cash on stuff that nobody needs, and often a cause of heartache. Love is tricky – both for those who are in a relationship and those who want to be in one. If attachment breeds suffering, as the Buddha taught, then what should we do […]

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You become the food you eat.

Lets keep it real simple today… The food you eat is what your body becomes. Namaste Daniel

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