Are You Stressed?

by Daniel Lucas … It’s no mystery that stress can be a health killer. It can manifest instantly, but it can also grind you down over time. The Mayo Clinic describes the human stress response like this: “Your body is hard-wired to react to stress in ways meant to protect you against threats from predators […]

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Saving parents devastated by Hurricane Sandy

Barb Ehlers has been teaching TRX classes for Nimble Fitness since 2011. She is not only an amazing instructor but part of our Nimble family. Hurricane Sandy impacted her family very hard so we are doing our part to help Barb and her family recover and rebuild. “Both of my parents homes, as well as […]

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Classroom Under Construction (again)

On June 5, 2011 there was a water main rupture in front of Nimble Fitness. The ensuing flood turned our beautiful downstairs studio into a swimming pool. We know water aerobics can be a great form of exercise (especially during the hot summer months) but nobody remembered to bring their bathing suit. Needless to say […]

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