It’s been four weeks since I crashed at Bear Creek and honestly it’s been quite a journey. Many things have changed in my life in these past few weeks. For the most part, all of the changes have been good. I’m taking this time to slow down and meditate several times a day. I believe everything that happens in one’s life becomes a guiding force to realize your dreams. It’s just what is and how you perceive it.! The quicker you’re one with the experience, the quicker you’re aligned with source/life energy. Source being god, nature or what ever you call the flow of life. A place without worries or fear. Yesterday was my first day off of the painkillers I was taking and I was worried I may feel pain. The truth is I did feel pain but knowing it was going to pass and using my mind to allow it to happen was the key. It’s great to have your very own super computer! Love your mind.. D