Leg Strength / Part II

By Daniel Lucas … Last month we gave you three exercises to help strengthen your legs. This month we’ll progress from those exercises into three new movements to specifically help you prepare your legs for the challenges of winter sports—such as skiing, snowboarding or climbing. These exercises move through a different plane of motion than […]

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Pins Pulled!

Hello! It’s week five and the 3 inch pins were pulled out of my thumb today–literally pulled out with pliers. After a couple of weeks, the body starts to reject the 3 inch long metal pins that are used to guide the broken metacarpal bones which was shattered into four pieces, back together. Yep! I […]

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No more pain killers!

It’s been four weeks since I crashed at Bear Creek and honestly it’s been quite a journey. Many things have changed in my life in these past few weeks. For the most part, all of the changes have been good. I’m taking this time to slow down and meditate several times a day. I believe […]

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