By Daniel Lucas

I feel like a large percentage of our society thinks about exercise all wrong. The most talked about benefits are well known, but the one that I feel is the most interesting and inspiring of all is rarely mentioned–Soul Activation! Every time we move, there is the potential for healing, for strengthening and for shifting our potential. The way we experience our life through our body and brain is far greater than we may currently understand. A person who moves in a specific way that affects their individual arrangement of tissue, bones and organs can experience something more than just physical–what I call a soul activation. A yogi might describe this experience as true presence or bliss.

Our neuro-fascial tissue can be seen as one large, fluid LCD system, constantly giving and receiving information. When a new alignment or energetic use of our tissue occurs, it can create a sense of space within ourselves. This new space allows us to tap into our souls on a much deeper level. The results can be profound: elevated consciousness, deeper intuition and a sense of peace. Can you imagine a stronger reason for making movement/exercise a part of your life? It is extremely important! Longevity, strength, personal power, connecting on a more intimate level with your soul—all of these can become available to you through moving your body. Change your perception and everything changes!