by Daniel Lucas

Warmer weather is upon us and it’s time to dig up those sneakers, especially if you have not been hitting the gym over the winter. Nimble Fitness would like to give you our top tips on how to get re-integrated to training outdoors.

1. Do a little preparation work. Assess your gear to be sure your shoes, clothing and equipment are all ready for action.

2. Don’t go too long or too fast your first week! Whether your walking, biking or running you want to work back up to the longer distances over uneven terrain. This will allow you to see where your body stands in terms of conditioning.

3. Recruit a buddy. Having someone to hold you accountable to making your training days (and making sure you get back home!) will yield better results.

4. Train, don’t just exercise! As we all age, staying young in body and spirit takes a plan. People who exercise a lot often do the same movements and tempo, over and over again, for way too long. Having a “training” mindset builds your program in intensity, volume and other training variables sequentially over time. With a plan, you’ll also change your program more often which gets better results and keeps your joints healthier.

5. Fuel up properly! Always consider the energy needs for your next outside expedition. Always bring a little more fuel than you think you need because the opportunity to share it with a fellow exerciser may present itself.

6. Always be mindful and safe. I love music as much as anyone else, but you need to be extremely aware of your running, biking, climbing and even walking terrain. Be aware of your surroundings and have fun!

These little tips are simple, but if you use them with intention and a little pre-planning, you will have a much more enjoyable outside training experience. If you have further questions about training outdoors, or feel like you need a training kickstart to prepare for the summer season, get in touch with us at or call 212-633-9030.