By James Everett

Most of us, in some form or another, strive to better ourselves, to live our lives to our fullest potential. However, we often look for those positive changes to come from external sources, such as how other people perceive us in the context of society, instead of looking within ourselves. This kind of thinking takes away from our own power and literally gives that power to others. The ability to enact positive change for ourselves will always come from within. This is where our true power and potential as human beings derives from.

The belief that no matter what happens in our lives, and no matter what others think of us, we are staying true to what makes us personally fulfilled and contributes to a better planet—to me, this is the essence of achievement. On a personal level, it all starts with positive affirmations every morning that re-connect me to my own power and potential greatness, which lies within every one of us. Realizing that greatness is not some God-like, unattainable quality, but within you, that is the moment you liberate yourself from the chains of society’s perception of you. Once this is understood, you can begin to naturally shift your consciousness towards goals you wish to accomplish and towards actions that will bring you closer to those goals.

Another thing that you can change is the way you look at obstacles; you can see obstacles in life for what they are, chances to learn and to get better. You start to realize that nothing is impossible, that your perception of reality is your reality, and that we are all powerful beyond measure. Improving oneself is taking small steps forward every day towards being the person you truly want to be. So, the key to success and true personal fulfillment isn’t some magic thing that comes from the sky, but lies within you and doing the things every day that bring you closer and closer to your goals.

Some tips to focus on and nurture your inner greatness:

1.) Wake up every morning with positive self-affirmations that will reassure you that you are a truly special and powerful creature. These should be in the present tense and said out loud. Voicing your positive self-image and ultimate goals has tremendous power.

2.) Refrain from putting any energy into other people’s perceptions of you, but instead focus inward on how you want to project yourself to the world. Energy is precious! Don’t waste it on negativity.

3.) Realize the interconnectedness of everything and everyone to understand your true power and capacity to change your situation for the better. There is one collective energy that makes up the universe and you are connected to it!

4.) Take another look at failure, and realize it is a necessary part of life, not a negative, and will only help you grow. Every Olympic champion is the product of countless “failures” that were critical steps on their road to greatness.

Be your true self always and you will unveil your greatness for the world to see.