We have lost so much this year. Not just lives and loved ones, not just dreams and businesses, but even our easy freedoms and safety nets dissolved in 2020. At Nimble Fitness, we are a healthy and positive crew, but this year has put us through it like everyone else.

As we all have worked to navigate the ongoing pandemic and the various tragedies it causes, meditation and movement have become my weapons against despair. What were once tools that I used to help myself and others feel better have become absolute life necessities.

We all have learned so much, maybe more than we were ready for. Meditation this year has dragged me down deep, digging up plenty of buried fears and truths for me to look at.

Through it all—the immense tragedy of the pandemic, the election, the shutdown, the riots, the economy, the intense uncertainty of what the future holds for my children—my subconscious has been at the wheel, steering me back to the deepest truth of all: gratitude, for our planet and for each other, is our only way out.

Gratitude for what we have right now.

Gratitude for life, no matter what it brings us.

Gratitude for each other.

Gratitude for our incredible Nimble community!

Gratitude for the new clarity and inspiration we are experiencing in our most important relationships.

Gratitude for love.

We have never loved like this, because now we have no other choice.