One-Minute Gratitude Meditation 

To begin most training sessions, I have clients perform a one-minute gratitude meditation.

We are going keep this super simple and “5WH” it!

WHO: Who is it for? Everyone

WHAT: One-minute meditation.

WHERE: Anywhere.

WHEN: Every day.

WHY:  Gratitude is an extremely effective tool for cultivating inner energy. Coupled with meditation and conscious breathing it becomes even more energizing to our being. We can sense gratitude from within ourselves and we can have gratitude for anything.  We can share gratitude for our amazing body’s ability to heal, for our family, friends, and the life we are living. Gratitude helps lay the foundation for power of awareness, which helps cultivate understanding and that understanding helps power action. Our actions are then more in alignment with our life purpose and the evolution into the best version of ourselves.  Gratitude shines the light of abundance and opens us up to being more compassionate, resilient, strong and present, even in the face of adversity.

HOW: Start with one minute and go from there. Focus on breathing through your nose while performing your meditation.  The benefit of nasal breathing is becoming mainstream, and I believe is directly linked to longevity.  Breathe light, low and slow to stimulate the parasympathetic, rest and digestive side of the autonomic nervous system. Then it’s time to ask for the sharing of gratitude for your body, health, family, friends and whatever else you have gratitude for. You can say this out loud or inside your mind but it’s vital to ask for it, to breathe it in and feel the gratitude in your heart. Then see how it feels mentally, physically, and spiritually after taking this minute of focusing on having gratitude for everything in your life.

Gratitude just might change your life. It’s changed mine.

Love & Strength,