Beating the Holiday Blues

By Dr. Richard Nathanson … Many people associate the upcoming weeks –and the extra stress of the holidays– with a change in mood. The increased demands from work and family can sometimes take a toll. It’s particularly important during periods of stress to attend to your mental health as well as your physical health. Typically, […]

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Managing Stress

What is stress? Let’s keep it simple–stress is a response created from an event that is challenging or in some way sends you into a heightened alert state. These events are called stressors. Sometimes they can be good, often they are a reaction to a bad situation. An example of good stress would be if […]

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By Caryn Glass de·tach·ment Noun: 1. Indifference to other people or one’s surroundings; the state of being aloof 2. The condition of being disengaged or separated, disconnection I’ve always struggled with the idea of detachment. Perhaps it has something to do with the way the word is actually defined by English dictionaries: aloof, disengaged, disconnected. […]

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