When creating personal training programs for our new clients in Nimble Fitness, one of the foundation principles for the Nimble way is training with INTENT.

It’s one word that isn’t mentioned in most exercise or training programs. This is because it’s not the easiest to identify for many people and a bit challenging for me to even describe, even so, it’s important to talk about.  Intent is important because it inspires us to think about what kind of energy and attention to bring into a given session.

It makes a client ask:

Is what I’m doing helping me achieve my goals?

Examples of intent would be, for instance, having a specific intent to achieve better functional alignment from a workout or elevate one’s energy from a work-in.


Which leads to the question:

Have I clearly defined my goals or desired path?

This is a big question because in Nimble we see so many new personal training clients that don’t really have a clear vision for what they want from their bodies.  This can lead to losing focus and long breaks that speed the aging process.

I often coach clients that having curiosity leads to a better understanding of how the building of muscles, burning of fat and cultivating of energy works. Just having the intent to explore your body in a session can be extremely powerful and you might find that intent sticks for a few months or life.

Living and training with INTENT leads to having healthy rituals your soul is attracted to and looks forward to performing every day or week. The power of the mind is well documented and today is the day to use your intent to elevate your training program and longevity.