by Daniel Lucas …

What do you see for yourself today, in this moment? What do you envision for tomorrow? If you have ever trained with me, you already know how passionate I am about taking some time when you wake to visualize your day and voice your intentions. These few moments in the early morning contain a lot of power—and will help manifest what you want for your day and even for your future.

Breathe slowly and practice seeing your day flow. See yourself being appreciative of what you have and loving to others. See the answers that you are searching for pop into your consciousness. Even if life feels like it is sucking every last ounce of energy and initiative out of you right now, you can still see the path to a better life, and start following it. If you won’t do this for yourself, who will? Create the habit–take time to visualize every morning, and before you know it, it’s the first thing you’ll do every day.

Step back and witness the change in your life.