by Daniel Lucas

One day, you can step around the corner and everything looks different. What happened in that moment? The sidewalk and the buildings haven’t changed, and the trees are where they’ve always been. What changed is your perspective—the way you see what you see. Perspective is a key in every area of life, but especially important when it comes to taking care of you.

PerspectiveHow do you see exercise? Is it a burden for you, or an opportunity? Suppose you know that you’re dehydrated, and to stay healthy you must drink more water. Is that something you have to force yourself to do? I have coached some clients for years that won’t drink more water! No one would think twice about adding oil to their car if they were down a quart, but for some reason, our perspective can turn water, or exercise, into a punishment.

Our brains are wired to be efficient, so the more we enforce certain habits, the easier those habits become. Some habits get so locked in that we don’t even think about them—that’s why our intentions are so critical for success. If we want our habits to change, we have to give our brains a positive reason to re-wire and create a new habit.

Try looking at a few things in your life differently this week. Feed your brain positive intentions about the changes you want to see in your health. Walk down your street, turn that corner and see things differently. A changed perspective! See if it doesn’t change your health as well.