by Daniel Lucas..

What does “living your best” mean to you?  How can you take care of yourself on the highest level AND create, work and share with the spirit of your dream life? How can you live 2016 the way you have always desired to live?

Amazing transformations can happen in a year (or less!) with consistent, committed action. The mind changes the action which changes the body, and the body reinforces the action which evolves the mind!  Where in your life can you apply those key changes?

Let me suggest some keys areas where you can jump start living your best year in 2016:

Quality Nutrition : Our gut, as many of us intuitively know, is directly linked to feeling good. A happy gut will cultivate happier thoughts. Clearing out the foods and/or drinks that you are allergic to, or which drain your energy, will also help open the path to better well-being and more focused mental activity.

Energy : Starting each day with great energy will lay the foundation for amazing experiences this year!  The building blocks of energy are the basics: high quality sleep, great nutrition, consistent movement and the ability to de-stress. Energy affects every moment of our lives. Where can you improve?

Sharing : Giving might be the best way to cultivate happiness. Building your health allows you to share more with others. Enhance your natural intuition and share from the soul!

Being : If you pay close attention, you’ll notice that every day gives you the opportunity to experience the power of mediation and mindfulness. Having the ability to remain present and relaxed in the face of life’s challenges may be what elevates 2016 to your best year yet.

There’s plenty to add to this conversation, but hopefully this serves as a good starting point. Start 2016 with a strategy to live your best. And remember to have some fun!