Fall is here, the seasons have changed and so can your workouts! It’s just brisk enough to be refreshing outside and it’s a perfect time to take your fitness routine outdoors.

Here are some of our favorite tips for taking it outdoors!

Stay Hydrated: Sometimes it’s easy to forget to drink water when you’re not overheated from the hot weather. Continue to drink more than enough water (about half your body weight in ounces), and make sure to get hydrated before your workout!

Wear Layers: It may be a bit chilly when you first start that outdoor run, but your body will heat up quickly. You can remove a layer when you become hot, and add a layer back when you cool down.

Pack Snacks: Those handy little snack pack aren’t just for kids! Especially if you’re planning on a long hike and it’s the perfect weather to do it! Easy to pack light snacks in a backpack help to keep fueling your body.

Try Something Different: Sure, it’s easy to go outside for a run, but how about something to challenge your muscles differently? New York City, for example, has plenty of opportunities to switch gears on your workout. Maybe you can find a place that has some stairs to do a “stair day.” Also, you could do some step-ups, push-ups, V-ups and planks on a park bench for a fairly complete strength circuit. Be creative!