The idea behind the Japanese ritual called the MISOGI is about choosing a goal so big each year that it affects positive evolution the rest of the year.

To get our habits to change, it takes a collective of thoughts, activations and inspirations. Some goals take time to ripen even though we can’t see the fruits of our hard work immediately.

Achieving goals can be elusive sometimes. Whether it’s the lack of consistent dedication, not having the energy to persevere or some of us just don’t feel worthy of positive change to achieve what we truly desire.

But the truth is, we all can make quantum shifts in our reality.

It just takes the willingness to act.

The willingness to act in spite of fear of what others will think or the potential for failing. Sometimes we need to feel uncomfortable. In that zone of existence is where unlimited possibility lives. It’s not in the money or the possessions, although they definitely can help us feel safer or more comfortable in our lives. They won’t necessarily deliver on elevating our happiness.

What often does elevate our happiness is doing something HARD. Doing something that we have always wanted to do. This is YOUR life and it’s YOUR opportunity to be, do or have what you desire for yourself.  But (and it’s a very big BUT), it won’t happen sitting on your BUTT!

So, this year commit to doing something that challenges you to your core.

This is not about what you think others will choose. It’s about what you choose for YOURSELF. Some examples could be climbing Kilimanjaro, taking a cold shower every morning of the year, not drinking alcohol in 2024, working with a coach, writing a book, changing your body, running a marathon, running a 100 miler, taking a big challenging trip, or simply walking 20 miles a week.

Think about something you get a YES in your gut and go for it!

My first one of 2024 is snowboarding the Matterhorn in Zermatt Switzerland. It’s a challenge that I’m currently training for and requires me to elevate my fitness on all fronts.  It’s a little scary and it pushes me to feel uncomfortable.

Take a little time to contemplate on what your MISOGI is for 2024. Choose something that makes you feel uncomfortable or taps into your fear response.

Choose it and then get to work on it. Enjoy the process of learning something new, doing something that’s always sparked your interest or taking on that physical challenge you want to train for.

Wishing you a 2024 of growth, health, challenge, and happiness.