What I’m about to say sounds crazy when coming out of my mouth, but here you go…

As one of Nimble’s owner’s and Lead Coach, I have performed thousands of client assessments over the last twenty years!

What’s so interesting about having the opportunity to look at so many people, intricately, is just how strikingly similar yet different we all are.

How we think, breathe, eat, sleep and move presents itself in our energy, posture and function. It’s fascinating to walk alongside someone to discover and uncover things that they have been wondering about or questioning for years.

In Nimble Fitness we approach personal training holistically.  We view health and optimal function as an integrated experience with a consistent flow between the mind, body and spirit. We understand that the breath affects our nervous system, organs, posture and core stability. Our microbiome of the gut acts as another brain and controls hormones, energy, emotions and so much more. The human body is only 10% human cells and the rest of us is bacteria.

As we look holistically at how someone thinks, moves, eats, hydrates and sleeps, we start to see patterns. We often share with new personal training clients that whatever you do repeatedly, for instance, carrying a bag on the same side or simply standing, will show up in your postural alignment. That will then show in your flexibility, strength, power and perceived energy.

When starting or elevating a new training program it’s extremely valuable to assess where you currently stand in regard to your holistic lifestyle habits, breath, posture, gait, mobility/flexibility, strength and function.

You are correct, if you’re thinking this is tough to do yourself. It takes trained and compassionate eyes to look without judging and share without labeling. Meaning, just because you’re feeling overweight, in poor posture or experiencing low energy, doesn’t mean you aren’t awesome!

It just means you’re like everyone else: ready to look and feel better and it starts with taking an honest look at yourself. The Nimble assessment was designed to establish a baseline, educate the client and lay the foundation on where to start with a training program.

The Nimble Fitness Assessment has been fine-tuned over the last twenty years; it’s complimentary and it’s likely the most valuable hour we offer.

If you’re already a  client and know someone in pain, with low energy or just in need to getting back in shape, let them know Nimble Fitness offers a complimentary assessment.

To your health and fitness,