In Nimble Fitness, to get the adaptation of stronger bone and more functional fascia we take a multi-planer, multidisciplinary and varied load approach to your training program. 

It’s called the SAID principle: Specific Adaptations to Imposed Demands. 

Our bodies are designed to heal themselves which is what it’s doing when adapting to the stress of training. The secret is to progress your program over a lifetime in a way that has you prepared and conditioned properly for the challenges ahead. 

Here are some of Nimble’s top bone health secrets:


If you are smoking, drinking and eating unhealthy foods you are most likely setting yourself up for a challenging health journey in this lifetime. Sometimes the best investment in our health is what we refrain from doing.


 Challenge your body and bones with a quality strength training and fitness program. Loading your structure stimulates the cells in muscles, fascia and bone which helps you to heal and recover, becoming stronger. This process is done progressively over time. You can strength train, jump, run, hike or dance but be sure to clear all activities with first with your Physician.


A diet of varied whole foods will ensure that your body and bones are getting the nutrients needed to be strong and healthy. Foods rich in calcium, potassium and vitamin D are the top players in bone health.


Let’s not forget that bone is 20% water! Chronic dehydration may play a role in creating brittle bones later in life.


 Outside of your training get out often and walk, hike and live! This extra volume of movement will serve your bones and body well.


 If you suspect that you have bone loss it’s a good idea to get tested early so that you can monitor how your new habits are affecting you bone density over time.

One of the benefits of having a personal trainer is being progressively challenged. Finding out that your bones are becoming fragile can be disheartening but it can also be a source of motivation. It may push you to get out there and start moving, however, this doesn’t mean your body is prepared to start jumping around.

When it comes to power training or some of the activities that get the response from the bones you desire you have to prepare the body to be able to handle the load of the activity. It’s important to have a quality training program over the long term.