Staying Positive

Our family, our friends… seems like everyone is either experiencing for themselves, or knows someone who is feeling a tremendous amount of stress. Take a step back and catch your breath. Remember, worry does little more than make you anxious and miserable. It serves no purpose other than to make you obsess over negative situations […]

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Are You Over-Stressed?

By Daniel Lucas …. It’s no secret that stress can be a killer to our health. Stress can manifest instantly, and it can slowly grind people down over time.  Cortisol, a steroid hormone produced in the adrenal gland, is released when we are stressed. Cortisol increases blood pressure and releases glucose into our bloodstream. It’s […]

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Nimble Fitness in NYC Splash Magazine

NYCSplash Magazine wrote about Nimble Fitness and our new studio on West 12th street, near Union Square in Manhattan. “The studio is in a class of its own. I loved the décor; it’s clean and simple with personal touches of elegance. The spacious studio is stunning with high ceilings and stylish changing rooms with shower […]

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