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Practice Fitness- And Train For Life!

by Daniel Lucas… Life-long fitness is about practice! Like the Yogi who still gets on the mat at the age of 100, or the Tai Chi master who continually strives to improve their flow, one’s true level of fitness is formed over a lifetime. In America, the fitness mantra over time has somehow become “how […]

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Posture and Pain

by Charleene O’Connor… The human body is amazing. It is designed to move! Connective tissue, muscles, and bones are all designed to move in space, and respond to different types of stress. Stress, when we talk about the body, can be a good thing. The body’s response to a stressor like gravity or an external […]

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The Traveler Workout

by Norris Baichan… As a Personal Trainer at Nimble Fitness, I know that the majority of our clients are required to travel, often several times a year. It can be very challenging to maintain an exercise routine with consistent travel, never mind actually getting the results that you have worked so hard to achieve. So, I’d […]

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Being Consistent

by Daniel Lucas They say that half of the journey to success is just showing up! This definitely holds true when it comes to reaching the fitness goals you set for yourself. Staying on track with your training program is extremely important when it comes developing muscle, shifting body composition and increasing endurance. I’d like […]

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Keep the Program, Change the Exercise

by Norris Baichan… One of the key challenges in any workout program is consistently varying the exercises, to ensure that your body is tested, pushed towards its limits, and doesn’t plateau. As a trainer at Nimble Fitness in New York City, I’ve seen that the way to do this effectively is commonly misunderstood. For many […]

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Wedding Season Is Here

by Brittany Fout… Spring is here, which also means the heart of wedding season is here! Brides and grooms everywhere are planning for their big day and want to look good for their Instagram (or Facebook, or Pinterest) moment. Which also means that there’s a lot of friends and family that are also furiously counting […]

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