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Got Your B Vitamins?

By Barb Ehlers… There are many required essential nutrients. These nutrients are called essential because we must obtain them through actual foods. Whenever we embark on a restricted diet, our intake of certain essential nutrients needs close monitoring to make sure we’re getting enough. One of the vitamin groups I emphasize to my vegan/vegetarian athletes, for example, […]

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Hormones and Weight Loss

by Bev Ratcliff… For this month’s article, I am going to start the conversation with three hormones, each of which can corrupt your weight loss goals this year if you don’t set about re-balancing them. Hormones are far more powerful than we might think. If we don’t get them working for us, instead of against […]

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Repetitive Stress

By Daniel Lucas… Today, let’s talk about a different kind of stress—repetitive stress. The kind of stress that results in smaller, nagging aches and pains that you might “live with” for a long time. The top four causes of repetitive stress issues are: Sitting – I count sitting as repetitive stress because of how often […]

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Small Group Training: The Future of Fitness?

One of the most prominent health and fitness trends for the new year is small group training. Classes have long been the domain of the chain gyms, but more and more personal training studios have begun to offer their clients a different group fitness experience. What is small group training, you might ask? And how […]

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Are You Stressed?

by Daniel Lucas … It’s no mystery that stress can be a health killer. It can manifest instantly, but it can also grind you down over time. The Mayo Clinic describes the human stress response like this: “Your body is hard-wired to react to stress in ways meant to protect you against threats from predators […]

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Put Those Winter Pounds to Work!

by Bev Ratcliff … Summer bodies are built in the winter. Yes, yes, I know–you drank too much, ate too much, generally did too much, but isn’t that the point of the festive season? Well, it’s over now and those extra few pounds you’re carrying around is the greatest tool in your toolbox. If you’re […]

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