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Mindful Practice Part 2: Posture

by Daniel Lucas.. Today’s mindful practice will be on posture. First, I’ll tell you what good posture is NOT. I can’t tell you how many times people get this wrong! Many of us have been handed down old-school information that needs an update. Do you think of good posture as puffing your chest out? Or […]

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A Journey to Better Eating, One Bite at a Time

by Christina Perinhas We have all heard over and over again that a healthy, well-balanced diet is important–but what about healthy, well-balanced AND delicious? Sure, you may enjoy that salad you get at work every week with the arugula, chickpeas, grilled chicken, and dressing on the side. Sounds healthy, but let’s be real. Doesn’t it […]

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A Marathon Mind

by Keith Paine.. I ran 16 miles through Brooklyn’s Prospect Park this weekend. I’m prepping for my second NYC Marathon in November. At Nimble Fitness, we’ve run the marathon as a team for the last 5 years to raise money for the international human rights organization WITNESS. It’s been a lot of miles and a […]

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Mindful Practice: Part 1

by Daniel Lucas.. The practice of being mindful is about elevating your connection to each moment; to be truly present, where your senses are all communicating in the now. This practice is both simple and difficult. Who hasn’t found themselves stuck in their own thoughts, which drown out whatever’s happening around them? Lack of mindful […]

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Posture and Optimal Function

by Charleene O’Connor.. There’s a lot more to posture than just sitting up straight. Our bodies contain twelve organ systems, and each one is subject to stimulation, reaction, and response from poor posture. If our major muscle groups are not engaged because we’ve been sitting or slouching for extended periods, it’s going to affect all […]

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Walk Tall This Summer!

by Daniel Lucas.. Summer is here, and the world kind of feels brand new after such a hard winter. Your posture should feel brand new too! No more curling over ourselves and hiking up our shoulders because of crippling temperatures. Now is a great time to lighten your load–physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We are […]

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