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Train the Mind Before the Body

By Norris Baichan.. Training the physical body is not easy. In an effective training program, you are being constantly challenged to improve. At Nimble Fitness, we recognize that there’s a big difference between exercising, or doing the same thing over and over again, and real training. Training at the right intensity requires your whole system–mind, […]

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Melt Fat with One Healthy Habit

by Daniel Lucas.. What holds you back from having the body you’ve always wanted? Is there one clear answer? At Nimble Fitness, we know that there usually isn’t. There are a lot of different factors that contribute to your overall health and tone. You are a unique system. Let me ask you a simpler question: […]

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3 Nimble Tips for Urban Meditation

by Keith Paine.. Find Time—At Nimble Fitness, we find that the biggest challenge in meditation is making time for it in our busy lives. The simple truth, however, is that you don’t need hours and hours to gain the benefits of meditating. Five or ten minutes of quiet time a day can make a HUGE […]

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Being and Living Your BEST

by Daniel Lucas.. What does “living your best” mean to you?  How can you take care of yourself on the highest level AND create, work and share with the spirit of your dream life? How can you live 2016 the way you have always desired to live? Amazing transformations can happen in a year (or […]

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Mindful Practice Part 2: Posture

by Daniel Lucas.. Today’s mindful practice will be on posture. First, I’ll tell you what good posture is NOT. I can’t tell you how many times people get this wrong! Many of us have been handed down old-school information that needs an update. Do you think of good posture as puffing your chest out? Or […]

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A Journey to Better Eating, One Bite at a Time

by Christina Perinhas We have all heard over and over again that a healthy, well-balanced diet is important–but what about healthy, well-balanced AND delicious? Sure, you may enjoy that salad you get at work every week with the arugula, chickpeas, grilled chicken, and dressing on the side. Sounds healthy, but let’s be real. Doesn’t it […]

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