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Nimble By Nature: After the Race

by Keith Paine… So, we did it! Turns out that 50 miles is a long haul, and requires pretty much everything you’ve got. The different parts of the course are challenging in different ways, but our team held together, gutted it out and managed to laugh a lot along the way. Which is important, because […]

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Nimble By Nature: 50 Miles and Why?

by Daniel Lucas… Why do some people want to do things that jus don’t sound that pleasant or smart sometimes?   I can only speak for my self when it comes to tackling 50 miles in 24 hours in the New York mountains.   When I ask myself why a couple thoughts come to mind. 1.  I love doing new […]

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Nimble By Nature: 50 Mile Race/ Training Blog

by Keith Paine… The first thing we decided is “this is definitely not a race.” It’s 50 miles, so we’re taking it slow. Biggest goal? Finish before the sun goes down! That gives us a pace of about 4-5 miles an hour over rocky, hilly incredibly beautiful terrain, with a few bike paths (and water/aid […]

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3 Ayurvedic Health Tips for the Spring Season

by Jessica Gebel… Here’s a few tips from the Nimble Fitness crew to help you swing through the spring season. Stay healthy and remember, your immune system is your best pharmacy!   1) Up your Bitter Greens It’s that season where a lot of us get super-congested. Sinus infections are on the rise, along with […]

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Nimble By Nature: 50 Mile Race/ Training Blog

by Daniel Lucas Nimble’s co- founders, Daniel Lucas and Keith Paine, along with Nimble client Todd Essig are gearing up for a 50 mile race,  Rock the Ridge and raising money for the Mohonk preserve. If you would like to donate, click here. They will be blogging their training progress along the way up to […]

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How Much Fiber Should I Eat?

by Daniel Lucas… The American College of Sports Medicine recently estimated that almost 68 percent of the U.S. population is overweight or obese. That’s 2 out of 3 people! What can we do to combat this health epidemic? It’s been well documented how consistent physical activity can help us keep cardiovascular disease and diabetes at […]

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