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Spring Training: Recharge Your Gut!

I’m not going to sugar coat it: tiny aliens are living in your body! Also known as bacteria, these organisms play a vital role in your health. There is much that is still a mystery when it comes to the role of these ‘intelligent’ bacteria, but scientific studies paint a very interesting picture of what […]

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Nimble Fitness and

Check out these short and informative video clips the boys at Nimble Fitness filmed for Build a Work Out Regimen We’re here at Nimble Fitness for … Also here at Nimble, we tend to focus on building a strong core and healthy joints before you start to think about … Weight Gain […]

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By Keith Paine A: To scientists, the answer to this question is a bit of a paradox. Radiation from the sun is both the leading cause of skin cancer and our major source of Vitamin D. We’ve all heard of the dangers of too much sun exposure, yet Vitamin D derived from the sun actually […]

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