If you’re heading out of town this summer, we encourage you to pack a few health tips from Nimble Fitness in your carry-on. Travel is stressful—both on body and mind. Your sleep is affected and it can feel impossible to find a decent meal in transit. How many times have you needed a vacation from your vacation?

How do you stay ahead of the curve when you’re traveling and come back truly rested and feeling fit?

Let us help! Here are some Nimble travel tips, gathered from 20 years of experience and designed for ease of use and minimal time commitment:

*Get into your next time zone ASAP. Basically, as soon as you get to the airport, adjust your body clock and your meals to the next time zone. This is a great, easy way to circumvent jet lag.

*Plan ahead with your meals.  A little planning goes a long way in terms of keeping your meals high quality on the road. Almost anything is better than eating on a plane—go online ahead of time to see if the airport has a healthy option. If not, stock up on healthy snacks for your carry-on to tide you through.

*Stay well-hydrated on board—drink even more water than usual to counter the effects of cabin air, pressure and altitude.

*Move in the morning. This is called a maintenance routine, and is a great way to feel better on the road and not lose the fitness gains you’ve made. If you’re sleeping in a strange bed, this can be a re-set. Doing your movement session in the morning allows you to enjoy the benefits all day. This is backed by plenty of science—48 hours of more of inactivity mean lowered muscle function, cognitive function, neural drive, circulation, metabolism, and energy.

*Don’t worry about “workouts.” Yes, a dedicated workout would be great, but when traveling time is often limited, so keep it really short and simple. It also helps prep your body for anything the day brings—hiking, walking, parasailing -whatever you’re up to! 15-20 minutes is ample to do some of our Nimble basics, range of motion and muscle activation drills that re-set your posture, get you ready for action and help prevent injury.


Happy and Healthy Travels!

The Nimble Team