Does your perception of exercise and fitness keep you from actually taking committed action?

Is your brain telling you, “I really should be working out”?

If that is your inner dialogue, you may have a tough road to truly integrating training into your life.

When we start out on the road to integrated health, most of us don’t have a clue about how to pull it all together-how to align mindset, activate muscles, prepare tissue and incorporate a program for long term success.

Does it mean you can’t do it? Of course not! You definitely can…it just means you are going to work harder than someone who has a proper understanding of the actions that should be taken for true success. This is when working with a personal trainer can really make a difference!

The majority of people think they “should” exercise because they want to either lose weight or gain muscle.

Of course, these are two great goals to have but if vanity isn’t a strong enough “WHY” it may be tough to stay motivated.

Here is a list of motivations for living a healthful life that we think are more sustainable:


  1. Train for Life: At Nimble, we train so we can have the stabilization, strength and power to go out and explore life! To be able to perform at a high level in a variety of life’s activities.
  2. Natural Anti-Aging Benefits: Movement and functional strength are the secret to living a vital and youthful life. Once cells stop moving, so does life. That’s how important daily movement is to cellular regeneration.
  3. Elevated Brain Function: It has been scientifically proven that exercise increases blood flow to the brain. That shower of blood helps ward off dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.
  4. Hormonal Health: Our hormones help us feel good and assist with many processes in our bodies. Having proper hormone levels and healthy, high functioning organs is essential to our overall wellbeing.
  5. Bone and Tissue Strength: It’s been tested and confirmed that our neural fascial tissue remains fresh and vital when it has the right amount of hydration, movement, stress and attention. Our bones respond to progressive load and get stronger with the right nutrient balance in our diets.

The secret to finally having a training program that you stick to for life is shifting your understanding of “fitness” from something you have to do, to simply a part of your existence, just as natural as breathing.

Fitness and feeling healthy are no longer boxes to be checked off or tasks to be “finished”. It becomes an integral part of who you are; it is a non-negotiable.

By layering in healthy habits now you can feel confident that you are making changes to look and feel your best, tap into your highest level of creativity and happiness with results that last an entire lifetime.

Now is the time to change your perception of exercise and fitness to start seeing and feeling the results you desire!