Healthy Lower Back Part III

by Daniel Lucas … When we take a deeper look into why people in America are spending billions of dollars to try and relieve lower back pain, we have to start the conversation by talking about the nature of our mostly sedentary, repetitive lives. An average day in our society–sitting all day at the computer, […]

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Healthy Back (Video) Series / Part II

Hello! This is the 2nd of a three-part video series on how to have and maintain a healthy lower back. In last month’s newsletter, we explained how proper hydration, nutrition and rest can lay a good foundation for having a healthier, happier lower back. This week, we’ll move forward and talk a little about what’s […]

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Warm Up Your Spine!

Try this yoga pose when you get out of bed to alleviate morning back stiffness.  The twisting chair pose is a great way to gently and safely warm up the spine. Place hands in eastern prayer position at heart’s center. Inhale, reach arms overhead. Exhale, twist right, maintain length in spine and engage the abdominal […]

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